Global Supply Solutions

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Jerise International offers no nonsense logistics advice to small & medium sized businesses.

We specialise in providing flexible support to companies with little or no dedicated logistics resource. In short, we’re doing to supply chain management consultancy what Easyjet did to short haul air travel!

What you get

  • Over 25 years experience across engineering, retail & food manufacturing industries
  • Expertise in development of global sourcing and freight solutions
  • Tailored service to give you what you need, when you need it – from a one day assessment & trouble shooting report to supporting a major project such as implementing
  • Customs approved duty management systems
  • A down to earth but professional approach to reduce costs and improve processes Realistic daily rates

What you don’t get (and don’t pay for!)

  • Glossy brochures
  • Buzzwords & impenetrable jargon
  • Hard sell of “additional services”
  • Conferences, seminars and “networking opportunities” in 5 star hotels
Import/Export Doumentation, Global Sourcing, Troubleshooting, Customs Classification, Shipping Solutions, Retail Range Development, Project Management, UK Customs Warehousing