Global Supply Solutions

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Ship 2 ship

Ship 2 Ship is an innovative service from Jerise International designed to help live aboard boat owners source all their requirements from their favourite suppliers.

Why use us?

  • Save time scouring the internet on “dodgy” or expensive internet connections
  • We have negotiated discounts to be able to offer you the best prices
  • We check your goods before they’re shipped - You avoid the headache of returns
  • We reduce bulky packaging to a minimum - You don’t pay to ship fresh air
  • Everything arrives on one day – Less hassle and reduced marina fees
  • You can expect fewer problems with the Customs formalities in non EU countries - We provide professional “Yacht in transit” export documentation and access to local support in the popular cruising grounds.

You want it? We can get it!

We can source almost anything from solar panels to alternators, oil filters to exhaust elbows, outboard prop’s to water pump impellors, spares for your 20 year old generator to a brand new red ensign or even the bargain you have spotted on Ebay!

A detailed quote within 48 hours – Guaranteed!

We’re experienced boat owners ourselves so we know a bottlescrew from a corkscrew and the importance of both!