Global Supply Solutions

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Jerise International’s sourcing service is designed to identify the right supplier for you, wherever in the world.

We specialise in understanding where in the world expertise in a particular product may lie and then identifying a selection of suitable suppliers and ultimately delivering a fully costed recommendation.

We can help reduce your dependency on wholesalers and other middlemen to reduce costs without compromising quality

We also have access to a variety of UK based “Job” Stock – contact us for more information

Our commission based service is tailored to suit you and includes some or all of the following:

  • Identify geographic centre(s) of excellence (Europe, India, Far East etc)
  • Supplier short listing
  • Basic due diligence
  • Coordinate Initial enquiries & responses
  • Negotiation of price and terms
  • Procurement of Samples
  • Providing local support in India or Far East (China, Hong Kong, Philippines & Indonesia) where required
  • Estimating fully landed costs (duty, shipping, quality control etc)
  • Supplier management to on-time delivery
  • Organise local Quality Control inspections

See our “Import / Export” page for details of how we can help get your new suppliers’ goods delivered to you efficiently, quickly and at the lowest cost